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My name is Kayla French.
I'm a writer, designer, Texas Tech alumna, and unsweetened tea enthusiast.



A little about me...

I’m a writer, designer, Texas Tech alumna, and unsweetened tea enthusiast. A San Angelo native, I grew up in a house that's not quite in the country, but not quite in the city.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication with a minor in English from Texas Tech University.

I’m intrigued by the stories that can be told and the content that can be shared through a simple internet connection. With a love for content creation, I'm dedicated to telling stories for brands across digital channels.

I also have a passion for fitness and teach Pure Barre, a high-intensity, low-impact workout, to clients in West Texas.

social media

Social media is much more than likes, tweets, and reposts. 

In the fast paced online world social media is the ultimate key to brand representation.


There's something to be said for the art of the written (or typed) word. 

Storytelling is integral to showing a brand's audience who and what they are.


Where words fall short, graphic design swoops in to save the day.

Clean lines and minimalist design go the extra mile to convey a message.


Video is pleasing to the eye, as well as to the ear and has been wowing people since its creation.

Bring your audience on an auditory and visual journey with the use of video.

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